Charles is a native Arkansan and went to high school in North Little Rock. Attended the University of Arkansas and Little Rock University where he was a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. He retired as a vice president for the CNA Insurance companies where he earned a Charter Life Underwriter designation. He has served as president of the General Agents and Managers Association, president of the Arkansas Massage Board, president of the Garland County Master Gardeners, and president of the Ouachita Hosta and Shade Tree Society.

After he retired in the year 2000 he began to pursue some lifetime ambitions. One of those was to write a novel. He had an idea for one, but didn’t write the book until 2007 and found it hard to get it published. Chap put it back on the shelf until 2012 when he did some extensive rewriting and was published by a small firm in Georgia. The publisher eventually went under so he took the rights for the book back and then self published in hardcover, paperback, and as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, itunes, and Kobo.

The fictional novel Once Upon a Reef used Chap’s love for scuba diving and adventure and combined a great deal of research on the Dominican Republic and Haiti and their respective histories into an exciting and fun story.

He is currently has a second novel entitled Once Upon the Congo being published by Smoking Gun Publishers.  The new book picks up where the other novel left off while introducing several new characters and taking everyone into the steaming jungles of the Congo.

Chap lives on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs with his wife Susan and a large collection of palm trees which he somehow keeps most of them alive through some pretty rough winters. He loves to travel and just returned a few months ago from Tahati and the Cook Islands.

New Release - Summer 2015

Once Upon the Congo is the story of expeditions to a remote diamond quarry first located by Henry Stanley’s 1887 trip through the Congo, and the lives, loves and deaths of those who took part in a great African adventure. So remote and dangerous is the site of the mine, expeditions are limited to one in 1966 and another in 2010. A tale of adventure, danger and romance that evokes memories of such great stories as King Solomon Mines and the tales of great white hunters in Africa. The expeditions face angry pygmies who poison the tips of their arrows, unwelcoming wild animals, an unforgiving river and rebel insurgents who are determined to take away any diamonds they might find. Torrid romances and a vein of humor keep the pages turning in this adult novel that blends well researched history and exciting fiction.